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Traverse City native Kathy Weber is finally sharing her oil paintings with the general public. Long treasured by family and friends, Kathy's unique works focus on familiar images. She has a rare gift of vision and a God-given talent that lend her paintings a synergism that mesmerizes.

It is not that her images are lifelike, but rather that they actually touch the viewer in such a way as to evoke a memory of seeing the place instead of seeing a print...ethereal, evocative, and reminiscent of impressionism while conveying a simple, universal quality that speaks to anyone who is attached to this particular locale. Kathy's canvases elicit feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and happiness. Her technique, her warm and exciting colors and her simple approach are just some of the reasons people love her paintings.

Kathy received her first set of oil paints from her parents for her 13th birthday and has been painting ever since. To enhance her natural talent, Kathy studied with the late Lois Blake, a very accomplished artist for more than twenty years. In addition, she has traveled to Paris frequently with her husband Larry, affording her the opportunity to observe firsthand many of the impressionist paintings of Monet and Renoir.

Kathy's paintings of Traverse City landmarks and streetscapes, portraits, flowers and still lifes are beginning to appear in many private collections. Her paintings and prints are available in galleries in Traverse City and Elk Rapids. Now retired, Kathy is free to devote herself fulltime to her artwork. She does accept occasional commissions.

And she still uses the easel her father made for her on her 13th birthday.

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